Terms and Conditions Applied

Everyone can register to our system but you have to fulfil the given conditions to stay in the system.

  1. First and the most important thing to know is that you are not paying the 1000 (one thousand) naira because you are expecting any money from the system. Rather you are paying the 1000(one thousand) naira as a participation fee to the classes offered in this platform.
  2. Immediately after registration, you are given highest forty eight hours (48hours) to pay the one thousand naira (₦1000) into the given account and upload the proof. Failure to do that, the system will erase you immediately after the forty eight hours (48 hours) given to you. (please always make sure that you use your phone number in the narration box)
  3. After successful registration, the system gives you fifteen days to register your four (4) down liners.
    • If eventually you don’t succeed in registering your four (4) down liners before the fifteen days elapses, the system gives you another nine (9) days to do justice to that. If after the nine (9) days, you don’t complete your four (4) down liners, the system gives you another four (4) days which is your last chance to get the four (4) down liners. If you don’t complete the four (4) down liners before the twenty eight (28) days given to you elapses, the system considers you an inactive student, and the system will erase you automatically. If peradventure you have registered two (2) or three (3) or one (1) person before the 28 (twenty eight) days elapses, one of them will be used to replace you in the system and the rest will be spin immediately. By so you lose the one thousand membership fee you paid. Be sure you are ready to be an active student before you join.
    • During the interactive classes, you are not allowed to use any abusive words or say anything that is not responsible or even abuse anyone in the group whom might have asked a question. If you do, you will be blocked from the interactive classes immediately.
    • If you have a question, you are free to ask only when time for questions is given.
    • Languages Of Life is a ground where you give and get knowledge. If you have a better answer to a question asked by a student in the group and want to submit it, you are free but then use responsible words to avoid being blocked. No one knows it all not even the founder of this platform; so when you bring your idea and others do same, we all learn together.
  • By clicking <yes> it means you agree to the terms and conditions attached.

The Big Question: How does it work?

Knowledge costs money and business needs capital.

To participate and be a beneficiary of this opportunity, the sum of one thousand nairas (₦1000) is to be paid once. This amount serves as a registration/enrolment fee. On payment of this sum, you get a username and password that serves as a personal identity code [PIC]. This PIC will enable you to gain unlimited access to the classes. Again any person you bring into the platform [selling the business] becomes your enrolee or downline, and will first quote your PIC to get his/her own PIC. This is how you make and grow your commission. The more the enrolees or downlines the higher your dividend. Be very assured that this grows into multiple hundreds of thousand naira monthly as it multiplies itself.

A lot of people who started this business three months ago are in this bracket. This is further explained in the annexures.

languages of life anextures

Truth be told, there is no easy or free money. You must grow your business by building your network. You build a network by inviting four friends or buyers to join the classes. By so doing, from the four you invited, they invite their own individual fours. The commission is 31% of the cumulative registration fee of the total enrolees of your direct line and 20% down of your indirect line or extended enrollees.

You must grow your business. The advantage here is that whatever effort you put in is multiplied by the effort of another person. It is called NETWORKING. From there on the business grows as the MAGIC OF FOUR.

By inviting a person to join you in your class, you immediately get back a part of your registration fee plus extra amount depending on the score of your Appraisal Point.

All payments are made directly into your brain account declared at your registration.

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You are welcome to this great platform. Please be informed that your account will be deleted within 48 hours (counting from the date of your registration) if not successfully upgraded to Premium membership

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