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We provide the two most powerful languages of life; communication and money for a better living and well being of our Nigerians

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French learning made easy with full detailed videos and text to help you learn both pronunciations and spellings

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We offer online courses with video resources for different languages

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We have highly qualified teachers who handle different languages

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Languages of Life International

Languages of life international is a platform created to promote the learning of foreign languages; French language, English language, German and many more. It further aims to build financial empowerment.

         The vision of this platform is to add value in the next person, to enable the next to you overcome his or her circumstance.

          The mission is to show the light and people will find their way.


Through our qualified teachers, we can provide you with the best, easy way to understand and penetrate various languages.

The reality of this time is that the best investment one can make is human development. If you want a life time profit in any investment, invest in human beings, the greater the number, the greater the return on investment; measured as money. The safest and best way to advance financially with very low capital is to build an image or network.

Who Will Make up your Network - The Buyers?

Understand that primarily the product you are selling is knowledge. Knowledge builds wisdom and confidence, Knowledge is power and power controls everything. Either ways, we all need it, everybody; for He who has the knowledge has the advantage. Here, as you grow knowledge, you grow your business.

The Big Question - How it Works

Register on Our Platform

This platform is open to everybody and every age provided you yearn for knowledge.

Enroll for a Course

The founder of this great platform, has attached a token as participation fee for the classes offered in this platform, an amount as low as a thousand(1000)naira to be paid once.

Invite Four People

To achieve all our aims and serve you better, you are required to invite four (4) of your friends to enjoy the classes with you.

Start Earning

Once you've invited four friends, you will automatically get back your registration fee straight into your bank account, plus an extra bonus of 250 Naira for the airtime you might have used to talk to them about this platform (minus 50 Naira for inter-bank transfer charges).

Keep Earning While Learning

Your salary doubles every month (in other words, you get the double of what you received the previous month.) This is how your salary grows as your down liners also grow.

When to Start?

There is no good, better, best or perfect time than the very moment on your hand which is now. No other time is more guaranteed than now. Seize the moment and build on the opportunity that presents itself.

Stop! Have you taken a decision? .......you need to

What Makes LOLI Unique?

Truth be told: Many network marketing businesses have risen and flopped, surfaced and disappeared. Many may still be surfacing by the day, but the success of any business is traced to the foundation.

LOLI is built on a foundation of rock. And the saying is correct – that a building founded on rock is sure to withstand and survive inclement conditions.

LOLI is built on a foundation that is structured on a TRIPOD OF:

Human Developement

The product sold fundamentally adds value to your person and that of your buyers; gives knowledge and Knowledge has no end.


The registration or enrolment fee is very low, affordable and encouraging. A low entry fee of one thousand naira encourages you to buy into it and grow a business. Mindful that every business carries risk.

Enterprising Spirit

There is no free money flowing in the wind awaiting collection. If you score well on dedication, devotion to knowledge and enterprise, you receive a bonus. Appraisal is done every three months [quarterly]. You get an AP [appraisal point]. This is a percentage given quarterly from a given stage. You get 10% of the registration fee on all your direct enrolees and 5% down of the total registration fee of your downliners. This is calculated quarterly, and lodged in your account as dividend; isn't that amazing? The hardest journey is the first step. Get started, Take the first step, and the rest will fall in line. Sell to the next person- classmate, workmate, neighbour, contacts etc….



Chukwuka, Miracle Chinagolo Is a Nigerian who grew up and studied in “République du Bénin” , “Parakou” precisely. He is a BAC holder in “République du Bénin”;  “SérieD” .  Since he came back, his mission has been to expand the knowledge . He has been teaching French language for four years and has made great impact in the various institutions he has taught. This medium is for a greater achievement.


Here you can review some statistics about our Education Center


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Our Teachers

Peter Mendez

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Sarah Johnson

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Harry Kane

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What will you learn

Logical Idea

Web Development

Social Marketing

Graphic & Design

Business & Finance

Our partners

The Big Question: How does it work?

Knowledge costs money and business needs capital.

To participate and be a beneficiary of this opportunity, the sum of one thousand nairas (₦1000) is to be paid once. This amount serves as a registration/enrolment fee. On payment of this sum, you get a username and password that serves as a personal identity code [PIC]. This PIC will enable you to gain unlimited access to the classes. Again any person you bring into the platform [selling the business] becomes your enrolee or downline, and will first quote your PIC to get his/her own PIC. This is how you make and grow your commission. The more the enrolees or downlines the higher your dividend. Be very assured that this grows into multiple hundreds of thousand naira monthly as it multiplies itself.

A lot of people who started this business three months ago are in this bracket. This is further explained in the annexures.

languages of life anextures

Truth be told, there is no easy or free money. You must grow your business by building your network. You build a network by inviting four friends or buyers to join the classes. By so doing, from the four you invited, they invite their own individual fours. The commission is 31% of the cumulative registration fee of the total enrolees of your direct line and 20% down of your indirect line or extended enrollees.

You must grow your business. The advantage here is that whatever effort you put in is multiplied by the effort of another person. It is called NETWORKING. From there on the business grows as the MAGIC OF FOUR.

By inviting a person to join you in your class, you immediately get back a part of your registration fee plus extra amount depending on the score of your Appraisal Point.

All payments are made directly into your brain account declared at your registration.